Rat Control in Boynton Beach 

Lake Worth Rat Control & Prevention 

Rats typically live and breed close to humans because they depend on us for food, water, and shelter. If you need help with a rat problem, contact Wise House Environmental Services today.

If rats have invaded your property, call (561) 556-4185 for efficient rat control services.

Dealing with a Rat Problem 

Rats can get inside your house in an opening as small as a quarter. They often try to get inside when the weather gets chilly and if food sources in a home are plentiful. Seeing a rat inside your home is extremely upsetting, and there is reason for concern. Rats are among the most destructive and dangerous pests, causing everything from disease to significant property damage. 

The problems caused by a rat infestation include: 

  • Disease: Rats are known to carry a variety of diseases, such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, rabies, and salmonella. Rats spread these pathogens through their bites, urine, and feces. 
  • Injury from bites: Rats can be aggressive and will bite if they feel threatened. These bites are painful and may also spread disease. 
  • Food contamination: These pests come in search of food, so expect them to be in the kitchen and garbage. When rats get into the food in your pantry, it is contaminated and will need to be thrown away. 
  • Property damage: Rats chew and gnaw constantly, which can result in damage to the drywall, baseboards, wood, insulation, and even electrical wiring. 

Many homeowners become aware of a rat infestation when they see a live rat or hear scurrying noises coming from behind walls, in attics, or in crawlspaces. Other signs of a rat problem include chew marks, rat droppings, and greasy-looking stains along baseboards or near places where rats are entering the house or getting inside the walls. 

Solving a problem with rats requires a multi-stage approach. Effective rat prevention starts with identifying the features of your property that may be attracting rats and the ways they are gaining access to your home. Seal up any holes or gaps where the rodents may be getting in and trim trees away from the roof to keep rats away. Move debris and wood piles; seal up garbage in cans with tight lids; and don’t leave food, garbage, or pet food out.

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Call Now for Prompt Rat Control Service 

 At Wise House Environmental Services, we specialize in stopping homes from being overrun with rats. Our professional technicians will evaluate your needs and develop a customized plan for rat prevention, control, and cleaning and sanitation of areas affected by rat infestations. We are happy to provide a free quote on Boynton Beach rat control. 

Rodent Control Service in Boynton Beach

Nothing is more troubling than knowing you have unwelcome rodents in your home. Aside from being unwanted, they can bring in dangerous bacteria and damage the structure of your home. Our Wise House Environmental Services team is prepared to tackle even the peskiest rodents to give  you peace-of-mind.

Our services include:

  • Rodent Proofing Service: We will close off all openings that rodents may use to gain access to your structure with the proper rodent proofing materials. This service also includes setting trapping devices to capture and remove rodents from your property. We also offer rodent warranties. If rats return, we will address any new issues at no additional cost.
  • Rodent Spot Trapping: This service is for trapping and removing rodents only and does not include any rodent proofing of the structure. We will set trapping devices as needed in and/or around the structure, capture, and remove rodents for up to one month. We will check for activity every 3 days for a minimum of 3 visits if nothing is found or up to one month if activity is still present.
  • Rodent Monitoring: This service includes the placement of tamper proof rodent monitoring boxes around the structure(s). The boxes are locked and filled with bait. This helps lower the rodent population around your property.

If rodents are making themselves at home, call (561) 556-4185 or click here to contact us for pest control experts to help you evict them.

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