Cockroach Control in Boynton Beach 

A Safer and More Effective Way to Control Pests in Lake Worth 

Cockroaches are a common problem in Florida homes. Wise House Environmental Services offers effective solutions for cockroach problems. Our highly trained and knowledgeable pest management professionals utilize all-natural, safer, and low-toxicity products for cockroach control and other common household pests. 

If you need help getting rid of cockroaches, call (561) 556-4185 to schedule pest control service.

Getting Rid of Roaches 

Cockroaches have survived on earth for hundreds of millions of years due to their ability to adapt to various conditions. This makes them challenging to eradicate without professional pest control services. Several types of cockroaches are common in Florida, including German cockroaches, Asian cockroaches, and American cockroaches, and Australian cockroaches.

The presence of cockroaches in the home can:  

  • Trigger allergic reactions in susceptible people
  • Cause asthma attacks 
  • Spread bacteria and germs (such as salmonella)
  • Contaminate food 

Cockroaches spread bacteria and germs in their droppings and as they crawl around your house. Since they multiply rapidly, an infestation can get out of control very quickly. Roaches tend to remain hidden, so there are likely many more than you have seen. In addition to seeing live bugs, noticing droppings that resemble coffee grounds and unpleasant odors can be signs of an infestation. 

If you have noticed live bugs or other signs of cockroaches in your home, it is important to act quickly and call for professional pest control services. In addition to scheduling regular pest control services, you can take a few steps to reduce future infestations.

Flying High Above The Rest

  • Maintenance Plans
    Keeping your home and business comfortable year-round.
  • Professional, Trustworthy & Efficient Services
    Expert pest prevention services you can rely on.
  • Family and Pet Friendly Products
    All products are hidden and inaccessible to children and pets indoors.

Effective Steps to Reduce Future Infestations

  • Clean up spills right away
  • Wash dishes and wipe everything down in the kitchen
  • Clean and sanitize appliances and the areas where food is prepped
  • Pick up pet food bowls at night 
  • Keep food in tightly sealed containers 
  • Take out the garbage right away 
  • Use trash cans with tight lids 

In addition to eliminating food sources inside, you need to find where pests are entering the house to stop future roach problems.  It is also important to modify conducive conditions that attract them on the exterior, such as removing overgrown trees, shrubs, mulch against the foundation, clutter, and debris touching the structure. Cockroaches can get inside your home through small openings. You will need to find and seal these small areas to block access to your home. Some of the common entry points include small gaps around doors, windows,  plumbing penetrations, conduit, and utility pipes that enter the structure. Your pest control technician can help locate their entry points. 

Safer Cockroach Control with Excellent Results 

At Wise House Environmental Services, we understand that you want to get rid of cockroaches and other household pests, but may have concerns about the safety of pest control products for people, pets, and the environment. We offer a safer method for cockroach control in Boynton Beach. Our pest management professionals utilize low-toxicity and naturally derived baits to control almost all cockroach species. Our innovative baits are safer and more effective than liquid sprays when it comes to cockroach control.

Please call (561) 556-4185 for more information and a free quote on cockroach control services. 

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