Termite Treatment Options

Florida has the highest termite "pressure" in the United States and they cause billions of dollars in damage every year. It can take up to 5 years before Termites send out a swarm and you notice the activity. There are two main types of termites in Florida: Drywood Termites and Subterranean Termites. Drywood Termites swarm and nest above ground. Subterranean Termites nest in the soil and enter your home through tiny cracks in the subfloor. The termite swarm season begins in spring. It is recommended to have your home inspected for termites to protect your investment.

Do you know your choices when it comes to treatment options for Termites? If you had your home inspected by a pest control company and they told you that you must completely cover your home and fumigate for Drywood Termites, here's what you should know: First, make sure the company is a reputable one with good reviews. In some cases traditional tent fumigation may not be your only option. Ask your pest control inspector about No-Tent Termite treatments for Drywood species. This treatment alternative is safer, more convenient, and can still be backed by a guarantee if your home qualifies.

Just like technology has advanced with our every day lives, so has the use of pesticides, especially for termite applications. Most Drywood termite activity occurs in the attic or around the windows and doors of your home. If you have plenty of room to walk around in your attic you may qualify for a No-Tent Termite Treatment. These treatments are made to all visible and accessible areas where termite activity is found. No-Tent Treatments are made directly into the galleries were they nest with a product that is transferred back to the rest of the colony. This is a safer option if you're concerned about having your home covered and fumigated. You can even stay home during the application. Although traditional tent fumigation practices for Termite control are highly successful, they can be inconvenient because the gas fumigant used is too dangerous for you to stay in your home. There was a recent case in South Florida where a 10-year-old boy suffered from brain damage due to exposure to the fumigant that was used. Proper calibrated machines were not used to measure the air-quality before letting the family re-enter the home. (Read more here: http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/09/health/pesticide-poisoning-investigation/). You may find a reputable company with good reviews for tent fumigation, but they may contract the job out to another company who may not be competent, such as the case in Florida. Make sure you check the fine print, and check if the job will be subcontracted out before you go through with a tent fumigation process.